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Many people and businesses wish to contribute to AJOI's mission by organizing a fundraising activity or by donating part of their profits.

These initiatives are invaluable, since AJOI depends almost exclusively on donations from the public to help young people and vulnerable people in the West Island and surrounding areas.


By organizing a fundraiser for AJOI, you help young people and vulnerable people and allow us to continue our mission with them. The entire AJOI team thanks you for your initiative and wishes you the best of success.

Things to know before starting a fundraising activity

The organization of the event belongs to you.

Since AJOI must conduct its own fundraising during the year, it cannot provide funding or human or material resources to support the organization and management of your activity.

You assume the visibility of the activity.

AJOI does not offer visibility to independent fundraising activities, but we will be happy to thank you on social medias (eg: Instagram story) once the funds have been remitted to the organization. Certain conditions apply.

The event must reflect the values ​​of AJOI.

AJOI helps young people and vulnerable people, regardless of their situation. For this reason, fundraising activities and other such events should in no way discriminate or be judgmental of others.

About the visual used and the AJOI logo.

Before submitting the form below, have on hand all the elements that will serve as visual supports for your activity (eg: posters, images that will be used on social networks or on your website). These elements must meet AJOI's graphic standards in order for our team to approve your request.


Download the official AJOI logo.

Logo noir - AJOI
Logo blanc - AJOI

The texts you intend to use.

In order for us to process your request, attach to the form all the texts that you plan to use publicly (e.g.: as part of the promotion of the activity, the day of the event, etc.).

Form – Organize a fundraiser

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