“Street outreach work, is the repetition of acts of kindness that few people make an effort to do.”

Despite the appearance of a very favorable social conditions, the West Island hides a reality where 17,525 young people, 18% of young people from 0 to 34 years, are living in areas of social and material deprivation.

The objective of street outreach work is to act as a frontline resource. The outreach worker applies an integrative approach to assist individuals living through hardships within their environment. 

Street Outreach Work 

With strong community presence, a street outreach worker is a generalist who adapts their services to the individuals in need.

Community Outreach Worker

A community outreach worker has a specific mandate. They often serve as information and awareness liaisons between the community and the organizations through conferences, workshops, kiosk and collective projects.

Sports and Cultural Activities

L'Aut'Gang Sport project aims to offer free extracurricular activities in the West Island, throughout the year. This chapter reaches out to marginalized youth who are deemed unfit within the traditional frameworks of sporting and cultural events available to them.

Sport Facilities: open gyms and parks

Jeux de la rue de l'Ouest-de-l'Île 

New! A promising project: Immigration - Multiplying Agents

With the immigration program and the Multiplier Agents project, AJOI wants to reduce the cleavages and eliminate the barriers between the host society and immigrant citizens through the intervention of multiplying agents from the communities. These are bridges that are built to forge links through authentic inclusion and the full participation of cultural communities.

The project aims to improve the capacity of the host society and the cultural communities to adapt to the realities of each other and vice versa.


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- Relational and sexual health

- Polysubstance abuse

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